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Our pediatrics department is enriched with doctors trained in the best institutions in the world and matured by years of caring practice. Our emphasis is on the overall wellbeing of the patient by avoiding medicines whenever possible and guiding the body to fall back to its natural rhythm. We take care to prescribe minimal and accurate medication as children are highly susceptible to the side effects of medicines.
We are equipped to handle simpler problems like undiagnosed fevers, asthma or respiratory trouble to more complex gastrointestinal diseases including chronic diarrhea and constipation, endocrine irregularities, failure to thrive and obesity with various cardiac and neurological problems.
The children are cared for by a specially trained team of staff managed by pediatricians and doctors of various specialties. Specially trained doctors are appointed to attend to the newly born and their infirmities. Vaccination clinics or regular updates and guidance regarding breast feeding and weaning are organized by us thereby playing our part in helping the baby on the way to a healthy life.


Dr. Kurian C Philip MBBS, MD

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Dr. Khalid Omar Abdul Fatah MBBCH, MD

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Dr.Ghada Adel Mohamed Khalil MBBCH, MD

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