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Our ENT department has one of the most inclusive services for ailments of the Ear, Nose and Throat, in the region. The department can boast of regularly modernized diagnostic and treatment equipments and constant updation of the experienced personnel in the department.
Our special procedures include:
  • Rigid endoscope with attached camera and screen
  • Audiometer for measuring hearing level
  • Cleaning of ears by suction machine and ear wash by ear syringe
  • Oral toilet for follicular tonsillitis
  • Tonsillar abscess incision and drainage
  • Foreign body removal from ear, nose and throat
  • Ear and nasal piercing
  • Packing and nasal cauterization in epistaxis


Dr. Magdy Abu Talib MBBCH, MS

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Dr. Sajeev Krishnan MBBS,MS

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Dr. Hani MBBCH, MS

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