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Need a first aid clinic? Location does not matter....
Whether  your  project  is   on   a   rig   platform  or  other oil  and  gas fields or a
construction site, as an approved Provider, we have the knowledge, experience and
technical capabilities to provide your company with quality health care at the work site
on a FULL SERVICE basis.

What is a FULL SERVICE OPERATION and why do I need it?
A FULL SERVICE operation: All the services required to run your first aid clinic.
These  include  but  are  not  limited  to  man-power  supplies  of  medical
equipment  and  other  medical  materials, medicines  and  ambulance.
It  is  a mandatory  requirement  if  your  company  is  either  contracted  or
sub-contracted  to  Saudi  Aramco  and  your  WORK  requires  you  to  provide  a
first  aid  clinic  at  the  work  site.  A man-power  contract  is  no l onger  acceptable.You
have to outsource your clinic operation to an APPROVED Health Care Provider (HCP).


Dar As Sihha Medical Center (DSMC) is our parent organization. A self-con
tained fully equipped medical canter based in Dammam, DSMC provides
a variety of health care services to the local vommunity.

DURAMS (Dar As Sihha Unit for remote Area Medical Support) is the dedica-
ted unit championed with the responsibility to implement and manage the FULL
SERVICE Program.

DURAMS  coordinates  its  FULL  SERVICE  OPERATION  from  its  Liaison  Center
located  at  DSMC.   This   is   a   fully   manned   and   equipped   unit   with   an
organization    structure   which   shows    governance    and    delineation    of
responsibilities.    Remote    supervision     of     field    operation    and    contract
administration  as  well  as  staff  education  and  training  facilities are located at
this center. Also based here, are our storage facilities, Shipping and Receiving
facilities,  transportation  and  all  other  logistic  resources to support
the operation.

DURAMS  is  designed  to  function  independently.  However,  as  a  general
principle and strategy, DURAMS will use all available resources from DSMC
as a back-up system when necessary to support its operation. These includes
medical and technical support services such as pharmacy, equipment and
materials supplies, and the Emergency Room Services to facilitate consultation
and referrals and coordinate transfers.


     Since  2012  we  have  been  providing  qualified  and experienced Medics to several
     high  profile  companies  operating  clinics  at  oil  rigs, oil refineries and construction
     sites Kingdom-wide.
     Our Liaison  office  is  manned  by  a  group  of professionals with years of hands-on
     and  management  experience  in  the  field  of i ndustrial  clinics operation.
     All  our   nurses   are  trained  emergency   room  nurses and care required to
    complete an in-house paramedic module  before  they  are
    assigned to the site.
    All  our  nurses  undergo  regular  skills  competencies training. 


     Quality of care and safe practice is our priority
     We embrace the MMSR initiatives and strive to comply with all its standards.
     We strictly comply with the Saudi Council and Ministry of Health
     We have a Quality Improvement Program in place to ensure standards are
     monitored, data collected and analyzed and corrective action taken. 

Why choose us to be your preferred Health Care Partner?
      We are fully committed to the MMSR Manual.  Our practice strives to be 
      in full compliance with its standards.  
      To reflect our commitment to MMSR, we have a dedicated MMSR  
      consultant on board for direction and advice.  
      You have reliability of service as despite having its own resources,DURAMS is guaranteed  
      support from Dar As Sihha Medical Center, its parent organization as required.  
      Coordination of our services is through a fully manned and equipped 
      dedicated Liaison office in Dammam.  
      We can operate Kingdom-Wide.  
      We have a Profession Training and Development Center dedicated for 
      staff education and training.  
      We have a professional approach.  
      We have for several years been providing ‘’medics’’ to several private industrial  
      We provide trained and qualified staff, who are  Saudi Council registered 
      and MOH licensed.  
      Our staff undergo mandatory, continuous and intensive training and  
      supervision on the job  throughout their assignment.  
      Our staff are trained in Emergency and DISASTER RESPONSE Preparedness.  
     We are very competitive on the market.

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