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Dar As Sihha Opticals

Dar As Sihha Opticals, an extension of our Ophthalmological services came into operation in 2011 with a unique profile of a strong and focused set of services. Our show room located in King Abdul Aziz Street at Dammam, Saudi Arabia, near Dar As Sihha Medical Center deals with all the leading brands in Sunglasses and Eyeglasses.Dar as sihha Opticals was born in response to the growing public need for a one-stop shop for the optical products. Dar As Sihha Opticals has quickly moved on to the forefront in the eyewear and eye care industry.The shop carries a wide variety of frames and sunglasses, from the classic to the latest models of renowned designers worldwide and an extensive range of lenses, eyewear accessories, and repair services.
Our services are aptly supported by state-of-the-art equipments and a dedicated team of highly qualified Ophthalmologist and Optical technicians. The customers receive premium services of the Specialist Ophthalmologist in the Show room itself.
The Optical Shop has already set a trend, a new era for modern and upgraded optical accessories and the Shop is all poised to expand its reach…..

Our Commitment

We are committed to the creation of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the optical industry through the effective management and development of our people, our products and our operational and strategic methods.
We are committed to provide high quality services always by combining clinical excellence with technological advancements and recognizing the contribution of all staff to the quality of patient care.

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