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Vision and Mission

The foundation of Dar As Sihha is based on the very essence of life: Compassion and Commitment. Being a premier provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions, we hold steadfast to our mission of Caring, Curing and Comforting our patients. We work towards enriching lives, creating happiness, promoting good health and make every moment count.
Our prime focus is on delivering patient-centered care, harping on our strengths of expertise, technology and the core values of integrity, transparency and respect for the individual.
Process driven quality systems that adhere to the highest international standards of clinical care are in practice at Dar As Sihha since our inception, with the focus on creating a better world. With the latest in technology, multi-disciplinary capability, innovative facilities, advanced infrastructure and world-class patient care, Dar As Sihha is all set to become the most advanced and progressive healthcare institution of the region.

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